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THE WORLD OF ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY is a series of 13 one-hour programs on abnormal behavior that provides both general viewers and students with a unique opportunity to see how people with particular psychological disorders actually behave. The series involves students in experiences that could never be reproduced in the classroom, explores how researchers are working to penetrate the biological, psychological, and environmental myths and mysteries of abnormal behavior, and shows how various types of treatment help individuals return to more satisfying lives.  The program examines the complex factors that cause behavioral disorders and presents the professional nomenclature describing them.  It also demonstrates the psychological, biological and social approaches to treatment and discusses current research.


1. Looking at Abnormal Behavior

2. The Nature of Stress

3. The Anxiety Disorders

4. Psychological Factors and Physical Illness

5. Personality Disorders

6. Substance Abuse Disorders

7. Sexual Disorders

8. Mood Disorders

9. The Schizophrenias

10. Organic Mental Disorders

11. Behavior Disorders of Childhood

12. Psychotherapies

13. An Ounce of Prevention

The World of Abnormal Psychology was produced by Alvin H. Perlmutter, Inc. and Toby Levine Communications in 1992.

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