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[Viewers] will be rewarded with an understanding of modern-day Islam unlike anything television has ever been able to deliver before. — Baltimore Sun

In Muslims, PBS’s invaluable Frontline series travels the world from Asia to America to provide the great public service of demystifying the Islamic religion. — TV Guide

Muslims manages to bring a crystalline focus to issues of kaleidoscopic complexity, resulting in an all-too-rare ‘special’ that is worthy of that tag… — Los Angeles Times

MUSLIMS asks questions like “What does it mean to be a Muslim?” “How do Muslims reconcile the pressures of modern life with their Muslim traditions?” “Does Islam deserve its reputation as a patriarchal, authoritarian and anti-western religion?” “And what role does militancy play in the Muslim world?”

These are among the questions explored by Muslims, a two-hour film examining the fundamental tenets of Islam and the different faces of its worldwide resurgence.  Through intimate portraits of people in their daily lives, viewers experience what it means to be Muslim in places as dissimilar as Nigeria, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia and the United States.  By showing the diversity of thought, practice, lifestyle, and interpretation of text, the film presents a balanced and informed portrait of Muslims and the diversity among them.

This prime-time public television program provides a perspective on the world’s second largest religion and its relationships with other major religions, cultures, and societies. Produced on location in Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Nigeria, Malaysia and the United States, the two-hour television documentary was broadcast in fourteen countries.

Muslims was produced for Frontline by the Independent Production Fund in 2002.


The Pew Charitable Trusts

The William and Mary Greve Foundation

Carnegie Corporation of New York



CINE Golden Eagle (2002)

First Place Gold Camera Award – US International Film and Video Festival (2003)

Gold Award – World Media Festival (2003)

Official Selection, Council on Foundations Film &  Video Festival (2005)

This video is for home-viewing only, for public performance or educational use please contact Films Media Group.
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