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Love has many more faces than the familiar one depicted in movies and praised in pop songs. Science is now able to tell us some things about love, and other clues are present in literature and the arts. But it's experience that defines love for most people. The Mystery of Love presents up-close-and-personal portraits of this vital connection in a wide variety of settings and situations. — Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality and Practice

Fantastic PBS documentary that explores the many types of love. Camilla Williams, great opera singer, is my reason for making the purchase. She is shown after her extraordinary operatic career with her recital partner, Borislav Bazala, of many years. He is from Bulgaria and didn't have the "hangups, hate and prejudices" many Americans had before, during and after "jim crow". Their families were extremely close from the '40s through the deaths of their beloved partners. Camilla's husband died in 1970; however, Boris continnued accompanying her after the death of his wife many years later. It is a beautiful love story of how they came together from the beginning until now. I won't tell; you simply have to purchase the film. But, I will tell you he lives with her and their friendship is of a most pure and innocent nature. — Amazon Purchase Review

THE MYSTERY OF LOVE is a prime-time public television series that undertakes a serious exploration of love’s essence — how all humans are connected through romance, family, altruism, friendship, creativity, nature, and divine worship.  This series will raise questions about how to reveal love’s presence in our lives and society, as well as create a dialogue and model for learning and teaching about love.

The Mystery of Love includes comprehensive pre-and post-broadcast outreach opportunities to audiences of all ages through websites, video modules, curriculum and discussion guides, and community partnerships with local and national organizations.


The Mystery of Love explores the nature of love in romance, friendship, lasting love, parents and children, siblings, nature, service, the divine, and in the communal heart. The series will suggest that the many kinds of love present in the lives of each of us are incredibly strong.  The hope of the series is to make us, as humans, more aware of love and give us permission to honor multiple expressions of love in ourselves and our communities. The series will call attention to the broad palette of the human potential for love, expanding our thinking on love and creating a national audience eager for ongoing conversation on love, and all it entails.


The Mystery of Love was produced by the Independent Production Fund in 2006.



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This video is for home-viewing only, for public performance or educational use please contact Films Media Group.
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